Spirit House YogaHow much do classes cost?

  • Single class: $14
  • 5-class pass: $60
  • 10-class pass: $120
  • New student special: $32

We have a student, “seniors” (65 and up), and a Veterans/Active Duty Military rate for $10.

See all of our Rates & Policies.

Do I need to register for class?
We prefer it if you do. To register, click on “Sign Up For Class” on the right-hand side of the page. After that, just show up with an open mind and an open heart and let the transformation to a more meaningful life begin.

Where are you located?
Spirit House Yoga is located at 5107 N. Shartel. We are located in the Shartel Plaza at N.W. 50th and Shartel, across the street and west of the CVS Drug Store. Shartel is two blocks east of Western Avenue, conveniently located just west of Broadway extension and south of Interstate 44.

Can beginners attend class?
We welcome beginners; however, please read our page “Beginners” before coming to any class. Please choose a class that is appropriate for your level of fitness and understanding of yoga. We encourage beginners to pace themselves in class. Class will be challenging, but you can chart a course of your own for determining the intensity with which you work with each pose and throughout the process.

What should I wear?
Wear something you can easily move around in and not have to fuss with; modest clothing that won’t cause you any embarrassment. You’ll soon find that wearing specially designed yoga clothing is best.

What if I’m not that flexible?
You don’t need to be physically flexible when you begin a yoga practice; you just need to be mentally flexible. Focus on letting go, breathing, moving, and respecting your limitations. Yoga poses expose blocks and imbalances. Soon the tension will release and your range of motion will naturally increase.

What do I need to bring to class?
All you really need to bring to class is your spirit. We have yoga mats that you may use without any additional cost, although we strongly encourage you to purchase your own mat, for hygienic reasons. You may bring your own towel, although we also will supply you with a towel for $1.00.

Are your teachers Certified?
Yes! All of our teachers are Certified Hatha Yoga Teachers.

Why is it important for yoga teachers to be certified?
Certification means a teacher has met minimum requirements to be certified. The teacher has completed a course of study and a certification process that includes training in anatomy, bio-mechanics, philosophy, alignment, pranayama (breath), meditation, assisting, sequencing as well as asana, (postures). As with any kind of teacher, where and who they study with is an important consideration, and continuing education is important and ongoing. A credible certification is a huge commitment of time, energy and financial resources and is a privilege that has to be earned.

Why do the teachers at Spirit House Yoga teach “off the mat”?
If your yoga teacher is doing the practice with the class, the teacher cannot see what is going on with the students, creating a disconnect between student and teacher. A teacher can teach far more effectively when moving through the room and observing the students in class.

Are your classes heated?
Because we emphasize teaching yoga to everyone, not everyone should be practicing yoga in a heated room. If you have high blood pressure, practicing in a heated room can be dangerous. If you are in your first trimester of pregnancy, raising your core body temperature above 98.6 degrees can potentially cause a miscarriage. These are two reasons we don’t heat our classes, but there are many more to consider. Our first priority is no one gets hurt in our classes.

What are your retail hours?
We don’t keep “regular” retail hours. You may shop before or after a class or you may make an appointment.

How often should I practice?
Successful yoga practice requires discipline and wisdom. Consistency is the key to success. For life changing results, practice 4 to 6 times per week. A practice of 2 -3 days per week, if consistent, will create transformation over time.

Does yoga give my body as much of a workout as if I go to the gym?
No. Yoga gives your body MUCH more of a “workout” than if you go to the gym. Yoga works 100% of your body as opposed to running, which works 10% of your body, tennis – about 15%, swimming, about 15%, or weight lifting, about 30%. You don’t need expensive equipment or a gym membership or years of training. You don’t need to be flexible, graceful or athletic. All you need is yourself, a yoga mat, a clear intention, and your breath. That’s all!