Spirit House YogaAt Spirit House Yoga Center, we specialize in teaching beginners in a friendly and welcoming environment. We believe yoga is for everyone, regardless of age, weight, flexibility or ability. We want everyone to do yoga and believe everyone can do yoga, but it’s important to start in an appropriate class and be patient. Our number one commitment to our students is that no one gets hurt. At our studio, we emphasize proper alignment so that you stay safe. All of the teachers at Spirit House Yoga are Certified Yoga Teachers. We believe this is a crucial point, as many people teaching yoga are not certified or qualified to be teaching yoga.

One of our favorite classes at our studio is the 11:15 a.m. beginning class on Saturday mornings. BOTH Ted and Martha teach this fun and dynamic class and are two of the most highly educated and experienced yoga teachers in the Oklahoma City area. Everything taught in our Beginning/Level 1 classes will be appropriate. Modifications to yoga postures will always be offered along with verbal and hands on adjustments. We always teach “off the mat” so that we can watch and serve you to keep you safe in your practice.

Perhaps the most important aspect of beginning a yoga practice is your attitude.

Developing proficiency and competence on the yoga mat takes many, many years.  Approaching a yoga practice with “beginners mind” is the healthiest and safest attitude. You can hurt yourself on a yoga mat, especially if you aren’t paying attention or if you are attempting to do something you really aren’t ready to do; making the ego the biggest cause of injury in yoga. In our classes, you will use all of your muscles, so plan on being sore in places you never knew existed. Soreness is a heightened awareness and a part of positive change. These new aches and pains are a part of the healing and strengthening process.

With the growing popularity of yoga in the United States, people often have preconceived ideas about what yoga is. People who have never experienced yoga think yoga is simply stretching, breathing, relaxing and easy. Most of the basic yoga postures look easy, that is until you actually try them. Typically, the hardest yoga class you ever go to is your very first class; meaning, we appreciate how difficult it is to just get in the car and drive someplace and do something you’ve never done before.  You may feel awkward and self-conscious in your first few classes, but nearly everyone starts this way.

The beginning of your yoga practice will be challenging, but once you get started, it gets easier and will start to come together in an effortless series of breakthroughs. You’ll experience ups and downs and the inevitable plateaus as you go through your practice. Every day on the mat is different. Some days your energy is great while other times it’s a struggle. Your body is just like your mind in that it has moods. The moment you step on to your mat you’ll know the mood of your body. Just work with it no matter what. Modify as needed in order to make the poses healthy, safe and workable for you. Don’t overreact and give up. Be gentle and patient with yourself.  If your ego says no, let your spirit say yes.