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Understanding the Las Vegas tragedy

SunsetDue to the tragedy in Las Vegas earlier this week, I’ve decided to post this explanation as to why this horrible event happened. It’s frustrating for me to watch the “experts” try and figure out why this man did what he did. The experts and everyone else are caught in their reasoning mind – mistaking the effect for the cause. This is the work I am doing and have been doing for several years now. My second book is completely about human consciousness and behavior. Some of my closer friends are familiar with this work and have had direct experience. Many are struggling this week and my only intention is to help explain what seemingly cannot be explained. I apologize for the length, but it’s all rather complicated.

The human mind is a reasoning mind – but human reason is inherently defective due to the fact that it confuses cause and effect. Causes are unseen – only effects are visible. This last sentence on cause and effect may be the most important sentence to understand. In the realm of human behavior, consciousness is always the cause and human behavior is always the effect. In 1995, Dr. David R. Hawkins published his first book entitled: Power versus Force, The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior. Dr. Hawkins discovered that consciousness can be precisely measured – similar to gravity in that it cannot be seen, but it can be measured. His discovery on the nature of consciousness is no less important than the discoveries of Galileo, Newton, and Einstein in how we understand gravity today. Consciousness responds decisively between truth and falsehood, or to be more accurate, lack of truth. Out of this discovery, a whole new definition of truth emerged.

The human body can accurately discern what is true and what is false. Any question where the answer is clearly a yes or a no – true or false, can be answered through kinesiology – a well-established science based on the testing of an all-or-nothing muscle response stimulus – telling us what makes us weak (falsehood) and what makes us strong (truth). Truth can be retrieved by using the techniques developed by Dr. Hawkins giving us surprisingly clear answers from consciousness itself. Truth can be measured over a logarithmic scale from 1 to 1,000. Because everything is consciousness, it is possible to measure the consciousness of absolutely everything in existence.

On a logarithmic scale of one to one-thousand, the average level of consciousness of mankind right now is 207.4. Two thousand years ago the average level of mankind was 101. The evolution of consciousness moves very slowly – the average increase for an individual over their entire life is only five points. Eighty-one percent of the world’s population calibrates below 200. In the United States, the percentage of those above or below 200 is fifty percent. Those who measure below 200 tend to create problems and are more selfish and destructive. Those above 200 find solutions and are more selfless and constructive. Everything radiates a specific frequency that remains in the field of consciousness forever.

The human mind is unable to discern between truth and falsehood. The capacity of our minds to understand and comprehend truth depends on our individual level of consciousness. Each level results in a definition of truth that is in harmony with our specific level. Each and every one of us experiences, perceives, and interprets the world according to our own level of consciousness. The presumption is that whatever we perceive and experience represents Reality. Because of our individual level of consciousness, we all comprehend truth differently, which not only causes problems for ourselves, but for others as well. What may be true for us individually may not be the Truth.

Imagine every human being at different depths in a body of water like an ocean. Those who have higher levels of consciousness are closer to the surface and light (truth) – those with lower levels are deeper in the body of water and darkness (falsehood). One of the more fascinating aspects of consciousness is the fact that we are born with our level of consciousness.

Our level of consciousness has the freedom to move up or down. The effects from extreme loss of consciousness can have devastating effects. Catastrophic events that occur time and again that seem to have no apparent cause most often relate to low levels of consciousness. As a society, we search for reasons as to why these events happen – never once considering the real cause – consciousness. My research has shown a surprising number of people losing their birth level of consciousness. One of the signs to look for is symptoms of depression – when someone’s behavior has changed in some way. In my opinion, symptoms of depression are a loss of birth consciousness. Far too often people turn to anti-depressants which collectively calibrate at 83. Treating low levels of consciousness with low level drugs is never going to restore anyone’s birthright. Low level substances actually pull consciousness down to lower levels and keep it there.

As a society, we search for reasons why catastrophic events happen – never once considering the real cause. It’s stunning how many people lose their birth level of consciousness, which is the real cause for so many unexplainable catastrophic events. Lee Harvey Oswald calibrated at 11 (cockroach) on the day of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. His birth consciousness was 312. The man who bombed the Federal building in Oklahoma City, Timothy McVeigh, had a birth level of 338. On the day of the bombing, his level of consciousness was a 19. Stephen Paddock who killed 59 people in Las Vegas, Nevada calibrated at 12 on the day of the massacre and his birth consciousness was 337. Omar Mateen, who killed 49 people in the Orlando, Florida nightclub in June of 2016, had a birth level of 266. On the night of this awful tragedy, his consciousness was 14. And one more example – the attack in Nice, France by Mohamed Bouhlel – his birth level was 366 and a 12 the night of the mass murders. Catastrophic events that occur time and again that seem to have no apparent cause directly relate to extremely low levels of consciousness. The cause is consciousness – nothing else! There are no causes within the observable world – the observable world is a world of effects – cause is a concept that has no actual existence in Reality.

The struggles of life can make our consciousness plummet – and due to these lower levels, we as humans exhibit abnormal behavior and start making bad decisions. Some individuals drop to levels that show symptoms of behavior that become labeled as schizophrenic (96). Because we can’t see consciousness, some may doubt its existence – or if it does exist, some may believe it exists equally for everyone. It does in the animal kingdom. For example, dogs and cats calibrate at 245. The biggest difference between us and the animal kingdom is we have egos – animals do not. We all have different levels of consciousness and because of this variety – we have a wide range of human behavior. Some behaviors we can’t explain, so we label it and treat the effects with drugs hoping to get a different effect, often overlooking or mistaking the cause. This is the reason consciousness evolves so slowly – we can’t see it, so we confuse the effects with being the cause. Our military veterans are completing suicide at an alarming rate of about 22 soldiers per day – every day! Attempted suicide calibrates at 52 – completed suicide calibrates at 50.

If you calibrate below 200, you can’t measure consciousness – you won’t have enough power to make it work. Between 200 and 400 the accuracy of your findings will vary due to different levels of power. The 400’s have more power and are more accurate – the upper 400’s even more so, but only 2.3 percent of the population in the U.S. calibrates in the 400’s. Just like anything else, calibrating accurately takes a lot of practice. The next question may be: How do you measure consciousness? Consciousness is measured by and all-or-nothing muscle response to levels to Truth – and I must refer you to Dr. Hawkins for an explanation on how to measure consciousness. When you first learn how to measure consciousness, it may seem impossible, but it absolutely works.

In all my research, I’ve never measured anyone between 20 and 49. Somehow, individuals like Stephen Paddock by-pass suicide and keep descending. It’s a very rare occurrence, which has nothing to do with race, religion, or political agendas. These three are examples of humans misunderstanding cause and effect. Human consciousness is the cause and only cause. Stephen Paddock hasn’t been at his birth level of consciousness since he was a 12 year old boy – he’s been descending for his entire life. Any human has the possibility of losing their inherent level. This whole tragedy is quite sad and can someday be prevented. What if people wanting to buy a gun had to pass a consciousness check? Stephen Paddock’s consciousness could have been restored, preventing this awful tragedy. As stated, I offer this with love and compassion to those who are struggling trying to understand why this keeps happening in our society.





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