Upcoming Yoga Workshops- registration will open approximately six weeks prior to each event.

Bio-Vinyasa with Ross Rayburn
Saturday May 13, 2-5 pm

Spirit House Yoga is excited to be welcoming back Ross Rayburn for a special three-hour workshop introducing a new class he’s developed called BioVinyasa.

BioVinyasa blends the detailed “geekiness” of an anatomy training with the self-experiential practice of a flow class (vinysasa).  In a typical anatomy training, biomechanical illustrations and skeletons are often used to give students a clearer picture of what parts of the body do what and where, for instance, things like the psoas muscle is actually located.  In a vinyasa class, the great advantage is developing a deeper awareness of one’s own body through feeling and movement (known as interoception).

In BioVinyasa you get both! The class will cover many of the major bones, muscles, joints and connective tissues viewed by projected videos and interactive apps.  After each highlighted anatomical topic, Ross will lead the class through a sequence directly targeting those structures so that each student can experience a host of “aha!” moments.

Additionally, as with all of Ross’ classes there will be insights into how this kind of sophisticated body awareness can translate into a more spiritual relationship with yourself and others, including meditations to translate the deeper themes into other areas of your life.

All levels of students are welcome.  The class will of course involve movement, however the sequences will be geared more toward deep intrinsic work rather than bendy postures.  The only requirement is an enthusiasm and a curiosity to learn more about you!

See you on the mat!

Ross Rayburn started practicing yoga in 1997 following a knee injury. First trained in Ashtanga and Iyengar at Yoga Works in 1999, Ross became a certified Anusara Yoga Teacher in 2003. In 2004, he opened Yogainsideout in Los Angeles. In 2007, Rosswent on the road full-time, teaching workshops and trainings all around the world.
In 2015, he launched Tricara Yoga. Ross has taught in over 100 different cities in 24 countries.
He is known for teaching some of the most sophisticated aspects of yoga with passion, humor and clarity.
Ross has also become renowned for his knowledge and skill in helping people with physical injuries. He has focused on yoga therapeutics for the last 11 years and has worked with a number of professional athletes and dancers. He has taught internationally over 50 therapeutic trainings to hundreds of teachers and students including physical therapists and medical doctors.

Yoga: The Path of Fire and Nectar
Asana Studies With Christina Sell, August 26-27, 2017
relaxed cs copy

The path of yoga is both nurturing and demanding.  Yoga requires us to do the difficult of change as well as to surrender, let go and accept. As much as yoga is about introspection, it  invites us to empowered, engaged outer  action. Try as we might to pin yoga down to “one thing,” the truth is that yoga is a path of wholeness and totality which  offers us an opportunity to find the dynamic interplay between the fiery aspects of spiritual life and the nectarian currents of Grace. Join Christina Sell for an insightful foray into postural practice as the embodied expression of inspiring spiritual precepts. Expect strong practice, demonstrations, explanations throughout. Come ready to work and play, laugh and learn.
Saturday AM- Standing Pose Emphasis
Saturday PM- Twisting Emphasis
Sunday AM- Back Bend Emphasis
Sunday– Forward Bends/Hip Emphasis
am sessions 10am-12:30pm
pm sessions 2:30pm-5pm
Christina Sell has been practicing yoga since 1991 and teaching since 1998. Known for her insight, clarity, humor and down-to-earth teaching style, Christina is passionate about helping people of all sizes, ages and abilities find an authentic and life-affirming relationship to yoga. Inspired by alignment-oriented yoga throughout her yoga journey, she currently studies primarily with Senior Iyengar Yoga teachers, Manouso Manos and Patricia Walden. Christina resides in Buena Vista, CO with her husband, her parents, her dog and two very needy kitties. When she is not practicing or teaching yoga you can find her somewhere in nature hiking, biking, or paddling her kayak.

Progressive Sequencing with Betsey Downing, PhD
September 23-24, 2017

Betsey Head shot

Weekend Workshop – 21st Century Back Health with Bea Doyle
October 7-8. 2017
Bea Doyle-889_H

Each session includes basic anatomy for deeper understanding, soft tissue reconditioning using Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls and body-balancing exercises derived from the yoga and fitness worlds.  With this workshop you’ll embody what it means to have a healthy, functioning back for today.

The Proof is in Your Posture

How we sit, stand, walk, bend over and sleep all contribute to a healthy back.  Learn principles of a healthy posture and for living well in your body.

The Essential Psoas

Explore the role of the body’s main hip flexor, the psoas muscle, and how it relates to freedom in the hips, a tame back, expansive breathing and a calm central nervous system.

An Integrated Core

Wake up the three layers of the core, plus how to make every pose a core-strengthening pose for a healthy back using the engagement principles you will experience in this session.

Balance with Scoliosis

Learn the basics of the common curves and twists in the scoliosis spine and how to bring more length to the muscles that are “locked short” and strength to those that are “locked long.”

Bea Doyle is a Functional Yoga Educator and Yoga Therapist, a former yoga studio owner and high school math teacher.  Her workshops foster a playful, focused and supportive environment for learning, and empower her students to step into their personal journey, be it for self-care, or for sharing yoga’s gifts with others.  Her enthusiasm for health, her belief that everything is figure-outable and her commitment to service are her whys for teaching.  She holds certifications in Anusara Yoga, Yoga Tune Up® Fitness Therapy and with the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Weekend Workshop with Desiree Rumbaugh
October 27-29, 2017


“The Place Where Transformation Happens”

In Hatha Yoga, the sacrum, the center of the body, is the place where the union of the divine and human occurs. In this 4 session workshop, we will practice many different types of strengthening that can be used to make the most of this connection. Enjoy the synergy of your ability to root down into the material plane and the expanding feeling of rising upward into the divine realm. Practice new ways of doing familiar things and take home some new inspiration for your body, mind and spirit.

Desiree’s teaching welcomes students of all levels and abilities.

Friday  6-8:30 Tune Up and Turn On Your Power
Saturday 10-12:30 BackBend Revolution
Saturday 2-5 Seated Poses for Centering
Sunday 10-12:30 Arm Balances and Inversions for Strength and Playfulness

With 30 years of experience in alignment based Hatha Yoga, including Iyengar and Anusara, Desiree Rumbaugh continues to evolve by studying with functional manual physical therapists, meditation teachers and Primal movement teachers. She loves to play hard while working seriously on details, so be prepared to practice being strong while simultaneously laughing.