Studio Etiquette and FAQ

Arrive early, 5 to 10 minutes can help you settle in with an attitude and intention for class and your yoga practice. 

Inform your teacher about injuries or limitations that may affect your practice.

Remove shoes and socks before entering the studio.

Please have clean feet and avoid perfumes and scented lotions.

Your mat, towel and water may enter the studio; everything else should remain outside in the space provided. The studio door will always be locked during class.

Turn off cell phones and pagers before entering the studio.

Come to class with an empty stomach. Be mindful about what you eat before practice. Avoid sugar and sugary soft drinks.

Keep your eyes on your own practice. Looking around at others only scatters your energy.

Be aware of your surroundings. Avoid bumping into your neighbor and stepping on other’s mats.

Hydrate before and after class. If you are well hydrated before class, you won’t need to drink during class.

Stay in the room until class is over. The final resting posture, savasana, is the most important posture of your yoga practice. Just lie quietly and be still.

Wipe up any sweat after class. If you use one of our studio mats, please wipe that off as well.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself and have fun with your yoga practice.

Do I need to register for class?
All classes are on a walk-in basis-  just show up with an open mind and an open heart and let the transformation to a more meaningful life begin.

Where are you located?
Spirit House Yoga is located at 5107 N. Shartel. We are located in the Shartel Plaza at N.W. 50th and Shartel, across the street and west of the CVS Drug Store. Shartel is two blocks east of Western Avenue, conveniently located just west of Broadway extension and south of Interstate 44.

Can beginners attend class? 
We welcome beginners; however, please choose a class that is appropriate for your level of fitness and understanding of yoga. We encourage beginners to pace themselves in class. Class will be challenging, but you can chart a course of your own for determining the intensity with which you work with each pose and throughout the process.

What should I wear?
Wear something you can easily move around in and not have to fuss with; modest clothing that won’t cause you any embarrassment. You’ll soon find that wearing specially designed yoga clothing is best.

Why do the teachers at Spirit House Yoga teach “off the mat”?
If your yoga teacher is doing the practice with the class, the teacher cannot see what is going on with the students, creating a disconnect between student and teacher. A teacher can teach far more effectively when moving through the room and observing the students in class.

Are your classes heated?
Because we emphasize teaching yoga to everyone, not everyone should be practicing yoga in a heated room. If you have high blood pressure, practicing in a heated room can be dangerous. If you are in your first trimester of pregnancy, raising your core body temperature above 98.6 degrees can potentially cause a miscarriage. These are two reasons we don’t heat our classes, but there are many more to consider. Our top priority is that no one gets hurt in our classes.