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Change the way you live! – Rumi

Ignite Your Inner Light and Elevate Your Life with Our Transformative Program.

The Courage to Change

Imagine what would be possible if we had zero self-doubt, unshakable self-worth, and FULLY believed in ourselves! When we stop doubting our greatness, build unwavering self-worth, and embrace who we truly are, we transform our entire life! Conscious Living teaches how to achieve life-changing results with simple steps.

What would your life be like if you could conquer the self-limiting beliefs that have held you back for so long? How would it feel to experience more fulfilling relationships? What if you were able to drop the toxicity of people pleasing (saying yes when you really mean no, so much that you end up betraying yourself), and create impenetrable personal boundaries? How would if feel to have the motivation to transform your inspiration and creativity into reality, instead of underestimating your talent and gifts? Imagine the clarity, peace of mind, sense of purpose, and awareness that would define your everyday life. What has lack of worth and self-doubt already cost you in your life? All of this leads to a life of purpose and meaning – the life that is waiting for YOU!

We create our future by getting clear about what we really want. We become what we believe. Research shows people who write down specific goals and share them with at least one other person are 97% more likely to realize their dream. 75% of women have imposter syndrome. 73% of men have self-worth issues. Conscious Living gives its members the courage to change their lives through a shared vision and the vital support needed to manifest dreams into reality.

It is only when a person is able to feel they have worth that they can possess the courage to change. When we feel we can be beneficial to the community and make contributions to other people, then we can have a true sense of our own worth. When we begin to make meaningful changes, we can create the life we’ve always dreamed of living.

We cannot exceed our level of self-worth. We cannot rise to what is possible if we’re stuck in doubt and fear. Instead, we limit ourselves to the level of what we believe we’re worthy of.

Are you ready to unleash your greatness and believe in the power that is YOU? Are you ready to finally stop believing the lies that you’re unlovable, unqualified, or not enough? Are you ready to triumph over the thoughts holding you back, destroy self-doubt, and truly know and believe you have what it takes to accomplish your greatest goals and wildest dreams? Are you ready to stop hiding in plain sight?

At Conscious Living, we believe every single person has something great to offer the world and that each of us is here for the purpose of the universe to unfold. We know exactly what is blocking your sense of worth, preventing you from finding your courage to change – and more importantly, show you how to no longer let it run your life.

Are you experiencing any of the following: Divorce, job dissatisfaction, single-parenting, overwhelmed by chaos, resigned to settling for less than your full potential, imposter-syndrome, personal boundary issues, burn-out, discounting your worth, or asking the question, “Is this all there is to my life?” You can avoid the pitfalls of being stuck in symptoms – procrastination, people pleasing, lack of motivation, physical and emotional debt, lack of strategy, and trying to figure life out by yourself. It’s time to leave the known for the unknown and invest in the future YOU most want to experience.

If you’re sick and tired of what self-doubt has already cost you in your life and you’re ready to expand your self-love, ignite your self-confidence and awaken your self-worth, Conscious Living is for you.

Conscious Living is an empowering and transformative year-long course of self-discovery and personal growth – emphasizing the importance of taking action and accountability in order to move from where you currently are, to where you aspire to be. Our focus is on the common challenges we all face – boundaries, relationships, self-care, and self-limiting beliefs; while also highlighting the importance of self-worth, authenticity, and personal integrity – offering a unique, holistic approach to personal development.

Our five-step program, our starting point for expansion, gives you the right information at the right time without leaving home. We provide a proven, structured framework led by two highly experienced “thought leaders”, coaching members in real-time, offering collaborative and synergistic accountability, along with a “sharing system” for accelerated personal development. Conscious Living is a comprehensive and dynamic method that empowers individuals to breakthrough self-limiting beliefs to their personal power and hidden potential.

Conscious Living is distinctly different from counseling, which is invaluable work toward resolving past issues and gaining clarity. One-on-one coaching is a client-driven way to help individuals move forward. While both methods are effective in providing insight and clarity, our experience has proven that we cannot give people the same results as quickly with one-on-one coaching as we can through our Conscious Living program. Our forward-focused approach through the Global Mastermind model builds upon the insights gained from counseling and coaching. A global mastermind is where the people leading it have already done the work. In addition, the group teaches the group.

We believe we go places together we would not go ourselves. Being part of a Global Mastermind creates a space for people to meet weekly, brainstorm, and engage with members at their edge. The collective adds a valuable layer of support, as members commit not only to their own growth, but also the growth and progress of each other. This shared journey fosters a sense of belonging and mutual encouragement, making the process of self-exploration less daunting and more rewarding, with accelerated progress thorough collaboration.

The feedback we’ve received from our Conscious Living members includes how much they love the group support, shared community, personal accountability, motivation and inspiration, self-reflection, consistency of action, living more intentionally, and the offering of different perspectives from each member; validating one another and allowing them to know they are not alone on this journey.

The Conscious Living collective is limited to 16 members – we can only accept one, maybe two members every month. Limiting the collective to a smaller number keeps the value of the work high.

Member Testimonials

“The Conscious Living Program provides an earnest and thoughtful community that holds space for each other. The group acts as a sounding board, accountability circle and a soft cushion as you create a map back to critical fragments of yourself that have long since been forgotten. Rooted in self-inquiry and compassionate guidance, you will be encouraged to unlearn all that no longer serves you, strengthen aspects of self that do serve you, and discover that you indeed have the power to shift, change and grow with grace and purpose.” T.M.

“The one thing Conscious Living has provided me that has been the most helpful so far is community. Having a group of individuals seeking a more meaningful existence along-side me has given me a lot of validation and courage. When you’re trying to tackle things like this alone, it’s too easy to doubt yourself and avoid the uncomfortable stuff.” B.M.

If not now, when?

Be relentless in your looking, because you are the one you seek. – Rumi


comprehensive program works

  • Weekly Online Sessions With Group Discussion and Support

  • Friendly Accountability With Weekly Check-ins

  • Discovery Through Self-inquiry

  • Real-time Coaching With Members

  • Personal Access To Each Teacher With Monthly One-on-one Coaching Sessions

With our program, you’re not just a participant, you’re an active and valued member of a community committed to growth and success – operating on a dynamic and immersive schedule, designed to maximize your growth and development. Our structured and proven approach ensures you receive a well-rounded and comprehensive experience – allowing for both group engagement and individualized attention, providing the support and resources you need for a successful and transformative journey.

  • Weekly Live Workshops
  • “Ask Ted and Martha” Sessions
  • Quarterly One-on-One Success Coaching Check-In
  • VIP option is also available at an additional cost. Unlimited Yoga at Spirit House Yoga.

Experience matters, and our program is led by two exceptional teachers, Martha McQuaid and Ted Cox. In life, we’re most qualified to help the people we used to be, and we’ve both been where you may be now.

Martha McQuaid and Ted Cox’s extensive experience in the world of Yoga and teaching is evident through their long-standing ownership of Spirit House Yoga, which holds the distinction of being the oldest Yoga Studio in Oklahoma City, founded in 2004. Their journey as a teaching duo began with a shared musical background. Their enduring partnership extends to their marriage of nearly forty years. Their decision to embark on a new chapter in their lives underscores their deep commitment to helping others reach their fullest potential. The Conscious Living Global Mastermind reflects a culmination of their most impactful teachings gathered over the past two decades. The trusted “brand” they have established is a testament to their unwavering dedication to integrity and authenticity, signifying a promise to uphold these values for anyone who has the courage to join them on the path of transformation and personal growth.

  • 20 Years of Yoga Studio Ownership
  • 10 Years of Leading Yoga Teacher Trainings
  • Experienced Life Coach and Yoga-Nidra Facilitator
  • Certified Yoga Therapist
  • Published Author of Two Yoga Books

“Ted Cox has done some deep research into his own heart and mind and has put it all into words for us.”

–Desiree Rumbaugh