Weekend Workshop with Christina Sell

November 4-5, 2023

Stable And Free:
Joint Mobility Perspectives in Asana


Full Workshop $260 Save $20!

A joint can be defined as the place  in the body where two bones meet. The root work of Yoga is yuj which means to join or to yoke. Whether it is two bones coming together or each one of us coming together with a means of moksha, or liberation, similar  principles apply: stability, freedom, awareness, and self-control. This workshop is a synthesis of asana techniques, functional movement perspectives, stretch physiology, and yoga philosophy designed for experienced practitioners and teachers of all levels. Naturally flexible people will learn ways to strengthen their bodies. Stable-bodied folks will gain insight into how to create greater ranges of movement intelligently over time. Teachers will gain insight in how to break poses into component parts for a more expanded approach to sequencing.

Each session will focus on fundamental joint actions and poses from a variety of postural categories with the intention  of providing well-rounded sessions throughout the weekend. Expect explanations, demonstrations, philosophical reflections, bad jokes, and opportunities to ask questions and share experiences along the way. Modifications and alternatives will be provided throughout the weekend so that students of all levels will benefit.

Come ready to work, play, and learn. Please note, longer sessions allow for a slower pace for class and savanna, so don’t be alarmed.

Saturday, Nov. 4th, AM Session 9am-12pm –  Stand Firm

This session works with foot, ankle, knee, and hip mobility to improve the joint functions of the legs and lower body. Expect muscle activation techniques that help build awareness and strength in a variety of postures such as lunges, thigh stretches, squatting positions, and standing poses.

Saturday, Nov. 4th, PM Session 2:30-5:30 – Reach High

This session works with wrist, elbow, and shoulder mobility to improve the joint functions of the arms and upper body. Expect to use props and isometric loading  techniques to gain clarity and insight into the component parts of postures such as plank, chaturanga, reverse prayer, down dog and anahatasana and side plank variations.

Sunday, Nov. 5th, AM Session 9am-12pm – Strengthen the Center

This session addresses spinal movements and core stability by engaging and activating  the muscles along the spine and trunk. Expect to forward, backward, and side bending postures as well as twists.

Sunday, Nov. 5th, PM Session 2:30-5:30 – Optimize Space

This session highlights a full-body mobility routine to help establish fundamental rotational movements of your ankles, knees, hips, spine,  shoulders, elbows, and wrists that, when done regularly, will create greater flexibility, strength and mind-body connection. Expect explanations, demonstrations and a few optional  partner exercises to help you learn and grow.